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Profit 28 % monthly
05-14-2017, 05:11 PM
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Profit 28 % monthly
Hello everyone!
I would like to share you new project which started in March this year. I will try to describe shortly how it works, however you find more informations on our Facebook group.
Miceolution – it is the investment fund based on the stock exchange. Profits are generated by 4 experienced traders from Germany working in stock exchange. One of them is owner Rene Niebuhr who is the company founder as well. Traders use only 40% of deposit, so part of your money is protected. Each single trade is 4 % of the deposit, so risk of loss is very little. This company is registered in Frankfurt am Main (registration documents dated on 5.03.2017). The office rented by company is located in Next Tower on 26th floor (it’s available for visits by investors). This company is not a HYIP, it is tangible. It’s REAL COMPANY
Recently they updated Miceloution website from beta to official version. During last some days it was not possible to register new people, but now we are able to do it and new website is working correctly. Payouts are made on the first Monday of each month.
Contribution: Minimal contribution is 1000 euro and monthly profit is 28%. Here it is also a bargain ending of May for investors, who deposit over 5000 euro to get contracted for 12 months including profit 55% per month. Amount of maximum bought contract is 50 000 euro. All contracts bought after May will be accrued 28% per month. Owner of the company does not provide succeeding increase of profit in the future. Promotion is still available for some days, so it is worth considering whether to use it.
You can remittance or withdraw by BTC, bank transfer, credit card and AdvCash and soon PayPal. The company will issue invoices and it will be possible to include there data of your company.
You can get a document confirming your contract. You can download it via BackOffice.
Reinvestment is possible but not essential.
Is 4 levels of commissions – 10 %, 5 %, 7 %, 10 %.
There were few Miceolution events in UK, Germany and Poland. Further events are planned as well.
Project named Miceolution just began, so it is fresh project. Todays are 2100 investors already. I invite you to visit my Facebook group which is especially created for investors from UK.
Top Miceolution leaders and I have direct contact with Rene. It means I can keep you up to date about news.
Link to register u find here:
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